Alex Mitchell
Editor & Media Coordinator
Favourite Pasta: Gnocchi
Favourite Music: The Stooges/Devo
Favourite Animal: The Ikea Monkey
Fun Fact: Remembers Dial-up

I grew up about 25 minutes outside the city in St. Margaret’s Bay where the lack of a consistent ride into Halifax meant any opportunity for entertainment had to be found in the immediate rural/suburban environment. My friends and I committed to climbing water towers, searching rotten structures and jumping off rocks into the never-not-cold North Atlantic ocean for fun because, well, that’s what was there. It wasn’t Stand By Me and we weren’t Goonies but maintaining a curiosity in our surrounding world was sort of a practical means of avoiding the slow and painful death of teenage boredom. I became introduced to DIY music and film-making because many of my friends had the imagination and interest to go create cool stuff since it wasn’t necessarily as easy to seek. I’ve been lucky enough to continue to have opportunities to feed that curiosity, working in the non-profit sector and traveling throughout Europe, Cuba, Canada and Russia. Growing up in a small community outside of Halifax really emphasized the need to encounter different attitudes, perspectives and cultures as indispensable and ultimately a trend in my life that I hope continues well into old age.

Why Journeyman?
Journeyman is kind of the personification of that living curiosity. Everyone here has their own background, skill-set and way of approaching work but we’re all linked by a shared interest in the broader world and the great stories it contains. As a result, our process is engaging, collaborative and above all imaginative. I feel very privileged to be able to work in this industry in my home province and get deep satisfaction from belonging to team interested in discovering new and emerging ways of storytelling. Plus I think the sitting/standing desks are pretty neat.