Calling all Editors!

We’re looking for editors to collaborate with our team as freelancers or join us full time. We’re looking for proven talent with 5 + years of editing experience.

Journeyman Film Company draws on the disciplines of filmmaking, journalism and advertising to help our clients build their story. We make short films and commercials that are authentic, human and beautiful, enabling our clients to build influence in their community and the economy.  

We have achieved a measure of influence in many of the important stories that affect our economy and communities: energy, health, oceans, regional promotion, and community development. We have a deep library of work. That puts us in a fantastic position to build on the story so far and deepen our existing partnerships. We’re proud of what we produce, but we believe our best work is yet to be made. We rely on growth as a team to get us there.

We intend to be one of the best content creation studios in Canada in the next 5-8 years. We’d like to grow into a much larger, multidisciplinary team that includes marketing and digital strategy, with studios in Ontario and Western Canada (where we have clients), and then beyond. We’re not there yet, but you can be part of the journey!

What you offer:

You are all about the story, and you will use every tool you have to tell it well, appreciating that editing can make or break a piece of work.  You take good raw content, and elevate it to the sublime.   Pacing, compositing, motion graphics, titling and effects, story editing, colour grading. . . you’ve done it all and you do it well.

Most importantly, you can demonstrate a cross section of sample projects for a range of clients similar to ours, and your work is clearly as good or better! You have samples that show deep storytelling and a high level of polish, while exploring new trends and breaking conventions in client films.

You take ownership of your cuts and have strong opinions about how the story should play out.  At the same time, you enjoy working with a team of producers, directors, and clients, recognizing that working together we produce our best work.  And you can work with budgets, schedules and deadlines.

You thrive in a culture of challenge where you push yourself, colleagues and clients to think differently. You are equally comfortable editing a sizzling 15 second opener, a 30 second spot, or a tear-jerking 15 minute mini-doc.

You’re up on the latest software and technology, not just because you’re a geek, but because you know these tools can increase production value dramatically if you know how to use them.  High end is the name of our game, and you know how to give work that added level of polish that makes it stand out, whether that means crafting a unique look, or wowing an audience with subtle yet powerful titles and effects.

But in the end, your main talent is understanding what the clients need, what the director envisions, and putting it all together to create a compelling edit that touches the soul.

You have likely travelled a bit, maybe speak another language (French is a plus), are empathetic and open-minded, and can relate to diverse folks in our world.

What we offer:

We believe in transformation and we challenge everyone who touches Journeyman to grow and develop – to build your story.  We offer creative people a solid foundation on which to build skills and careers. Our team is based in a new, custom studio space a few blocks up from Halifax Harbour in downtown Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

For freelancers we offer competitive rates, and a supportive environment where we can all do our best work.  For those that join us full-time, your salary will align with your experience and the value you bring to us, and we offer a comprehensive health and insurance benefits package to all staff. The company also currently has an employee incentive profit sharing program in place for which you would be eligible.


Do some research on Journeyman, then send us your pitch. Get our attention. Imagine yourself in the Journeyman story. Share with us your thoughts on these questions:

  • Where do you want to go with your life?
  • What’s the biggest thing standing in your way to getting where you want to go?
  • How are you a fit for this role?
  • How can we support you – what do you need from us to be successful?
  • What are your three biggest strengths that will take Journeyman further in our story?
  • What does it mean to you to be fit, brave, grounded and global?

    Please email your resume, cover letter, and work samples to